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The BeginningEdit

In 1738 Alcvester declared it's independence from Corteva following a seven year conflict. Alcvester quickly established new currency, legislation, and began promoting industry. Emperor Davie Revlot enacted the Industrial Prosperity Act (I.P.A.) in 1741. Following this new legislation which reduced taxation of all businesses by 20%. The I.P.A. allowed average Alcvestians to start new businesses easier. The I.P.A. also allowed businesses to hire more workers due to the reduced tax rates. Alcvester rapidly grew into the world's leader in coal, steel, and uranium production. Not only was the economy growing, but scientific development was also rising. The Alcvester Education Board made schooling mandatory until the age of 17. The Education Board also provided all educational workers with annual financial rewards depending on the quality of their work. In 1748 engineer Mick Crotechzy created the Crotechzy Piston. The Crotechzy Piston provided a more efficient and cheap way of creating motion with coal. Crotechzy's innovation was seen throughout Alcvester factories and mines.

Overpopulation Edit

In 1776, Alcvester, now having a population of 7 million, was experiencing an issue of overpopulation. Admiral Merilsion proposed that the Alcvester declare war on Corteva, General Azel seconded this idea. Royal Engineer, Mark Leydine, proposed that Alcvester start a massive construction effort to expand housing underground. The Head of Government Relations, Katia Poletchz, proposed a massive population control effort. Emperor Revlot ultimately decided that Merilsion and Azel had the best option. Alcvester had been growing it's army, and a large amount of the population would be consumed by the war machine. The Alcvester people were mostly in support of the war, due to the previous conflict. The Alcvester government was very careful about informing the general population. One months earlier, Alcvester prohibited all international travel. Alcvester also intercepted all international communications. All these measures were put in place to maintain the element of surprise. On December 23, 1777, Alcvester naval ships fired upon Corteva's Ledova Harbor. This was the start of the Dusty December War.

Dusty December War Edit

On December 23, 1777, Alcvester naval ships fired 374 incendiary powder shells at Ledova Harbor. Under the command of Hanz Frenta, 14 Morlack battleships opened fire into the harbor. Frenta ordered concentrated fire on large buildings, this was to hinder the movement of Corteva counter forces. Following the naval bombardment, 27 Pulone bombers and 12 Poness fighter escorts, started a bombing run further into Corteva. The the planes flew overhead, 6 elite infantry teams landed in the now destroyed Harbor.

On the Land border between Alcvester and Corteva, General Azel led a swift assault with 20 A-12 light tanks, 10 Sputer medium tanks, and 4 Kotol heavy tanks. These tanks were followed closely by 10 AAAVs. Corteva's military was scrambling to defend both sides of their nation. Alcvester's superior military might allowed them to take a third of the nation within seven weeks. The war was supported by nearly all of Alcvester, and the overpopulation crisis was calming down. As Azel and Frenta moved forward with their attack, Alcvester commissioned workers to rebuild the already conquered land. Katia Poletchz led the civilian re-settlement effort. The war it's self was not proving very difficult, however the re-settlement effort along with reconstruction, were very complex tasks to manage. Katia proved herself to be very efficient at her job and, overall the secondary parts of the war were going smoothly. On February 9, 1778, Corteva surrendered to Alcvester.

Post War Alcvester Edit

Cortevs were quickly assimilated into the Alcvestian population, and all Corteva government officials were executed. Cortevs did not like the way the old administration was running the nation, and they were willing to give the Alcvester government a chance. Katia was now the face of Alcvester, as she was the most involved government member within the Corteva Assimilation Program (C.A.P.) Alcvester was now in control of the entire continent, and was in possesion of three times as much land, as before the war. The newly conquered land still had signs of the war, yet the now, newly constructed buildings, were all in pristine condition. Within Corteva the Alcvester government began extensive resource analysis, in order to find what the newly conquered territory had. Latest activity

Raznite Edit

On May 7, 1778, during the construction of an iron mine, workers found a crystallize material. When the mine workers attempted to mine it, the crystals sparked and turned into a gas. The mine was then put under government research watch.


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